Redfern community farewells activist priest

Redfern community farewells activist priest


The Northern Territory Government has rejected a bid by a former Catholic priest to be elected to a national parliament seat.

John Furlong says he could not be sure who his vote would mean as a member of parliament in the Northern Territory.

But his sister-in-law and colleague, Fiona Furlong, say the decision is disappointing.

“I think it’s a big disap바카라pointment that John was chosen as part of the Australian Federal Parliament. So for me, there’s still lots of work to do to give John a place in Canberra,” Fiona Furlong said.

She says she thinks the decision is vindictive.

“Why wouldn’t she just give them her vote in the Senate, and say, ‘I don’t want you guys to be here and that’s why I’ve decided to vote against you on the Federal Parliament?”‘ Ms Furlong said.

‘I’m hoping to hold him accountable’

Fiona Furlong says she understands how important it is that the Northern Territory Government is chosen and is hoping to see that happen.

“I do understand the pain that people are going through right now, and I understand they know how important the Northern Territory Government is,” Ms Furlong said.

“But I don’t understand how it’s such a big deal to say, ‘What do you think my vote is going to mean going forward?’ Well, that’s my concern.”

Northern Territory Premier Colin Barnett, who made a call for the decision yesterday, said he still hoped John would be part of the Federal Parliament.

“If John were to come back and become prime minister, I hope and I would like to have the opportunity to congratulate him on that, and hope that when he’s prime minister that he will give the people of the Northern Territory the opportunity to have someone like him to represent them,” Mr Barnett said.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has issued an apology, saying he was “unaware” when Mr Furlong applied for the election.

“I am genuinely sorry, we never took the opportunity to consider whether or not John Furlong could be nominated as a candidate for the Northern Territory pa바카라사이트rliament,” Mr Giles said.

Mr Furlong, who is running for an seat in the Northern Territory legislature, is seeking re-election to the seat he h더킹카지노olds in the state parliament.

The federal Government has nominated Mr Furlong as it